LionsRKing launches

November 16, 2021

Don’t Just Exist….DO SOMETHING!!

Lions R King (LRK), LLC announced the launch of its company on Oct. 15, 2021. Our vision is to develop the first of its kind network for the 460,000 college athletes. The mindset of an athlete is unique, the ability to connect them with each other is powerful and life changing. The company’s Name Image and Likeness (NIL) programs aim to revolutionize college athletics by empowering student athletes.

“LRK is significant because we believe that courage is contagious,” said Alexis Collins, company co-founder. “What makes us unique is our hands-on approach, our entrepreneurial spirit and our life and business experience. Our passion is helping young adults capitalize on their talent.”

On June 30, 2021, the NCAA approved an interim policy that allows student athletes to make money off their “name, image, and likeness.” For the first time, every college athlete — at all division levels — can generate income. “We believe that every collegiate athlete, regardless of division of play, should have the opportunity to prosper financially from participating in sports,” said Collins.

LRK has established an Ambassador Program for athletes interested in participating in the NIL program to secure income. The program includes:

  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Leadership coaching and networking
  • Apparel sales
  • NIL education sessions
  • Social media marketing
  • Sports camps, autograph sessions, etc.

“As former athletes, we embrace the opportunity to empower student athletes and guide them as they navigate the early stages of their professional careers,” Collins said. “When growing up we wished we had adults like us that were objective and non-judgmental helping steer us toward the finish line.”

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